Additional Resources

Additional resources to support your CranioSacral therapy like meditation, consciousness building, anatomy training, and so much more.

What's In Your Toolbox?

The question really is “Who and What is in your toolbox?” I’m referring to the people, services, and activities in your life that support you.

We are not designed to be self-sufficient. If that were the case, we wouldn’t need to eat, move, or even think. We are interactive by design. 

We have internal (within the body) communication, external (outside of the body) communication, and internal/external communication. With these layers and levels of communication, it’s easy to have miscommunication which can lead to dysfunction.

Having tools (people, services, and activities) to help you stay balanced is important to creating a healthy lifestyle. My hope is that CranioSacral Therapy is one of those tools you add to your life and toolbox.

I would like to propose another tool for your toolbox. It’s one I’ve been developing and using for over 25+ years. It’s all about becoming conscious of the internal, external, and internal/external communication that impacts our lives on a daily basis.

It’s a simple way of decreasing the noise that keeps us from understanding these layers. It’s similar to what you experience with CranioSacral Therapy but without the manual therapy part. It’s about asking a simple question, “What do I notice, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, as I focus on something?” If you are intrigued and you’d like to know more, check out my website

Educational Information

Self-empowerment begins with awareness. When we are unconscious, we hope our programmed routines are working correctly. When these programs become corrupted due to various means, increasing our consciousness into these unconscious areas allows us to change. This happens on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level. The links below are for educational purposes and to help you mentally understand yourself better. If you have any links you’d like to share, please email me.

Personal Boundaries

Physical Body