Founder’s Membership

This is a special invite only membership offer. The membership’s goal is designed to help grow and promote the advancement of CranioSacral Therapy, Neuromuscular Therapy, and Personal Empowerment Guided Meditation services.

Membership Benefits

  • Monthly 90-minute Neuromuscular or CranioSacral Therapy session
  • Monthly 60-minute CranioSacral Therapy session
  • Free Guided Meditation audios focused on personal boundaries
  • Reduced rates on all sessions – Wellness Membership
  • Wellness Membership rates are extended to all household family members


  • Monthly auto payment of $100

The membership’s goal is to keep the member’s body healthy and functional; therefore, membership services must be used within the month of service. If a member has not used his/her services over a 3 month period, the membership will be canceled. Unused services will NOT be charged off but saved as credit towards full priced service sessions. Cancel at anytime.

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